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After the course, participants will have knowledge of:

  • Tree scaffolds.
  • Pipe and connector scaffolding.
  • System scaffolding.
  • Jack scaffolding.
  • Rolling scaffolding
  • Bend scaffolding and / or hanging scaffolding with suspension.

Regulations on the execution of work, use of work equipment and related technical requirements, Chapter 17. §17-3. Requirements for training, disassembly, alteration and control of scaffolding with upper scaffold floor from nine meters.

The employer must ensure that the employee receives training. This also applies to scaffolding that is not installed in standard installation according to the supplier’s installation instructions, regardless of the scaffold’s top floor height.


– Planning for mounting or modifying scaffolding.
– Safety when installing or changing scaffolding.
– Measures to reduce the risk of falling for persons and objects.
– Permissible loads.
– Wind anchoring.
– Control of scaffolding.
– Review of current regulations for scaffolding and safety (HSE).
– Online trial

In completing this, participants of the course must have the necessary knowledge to perform daily tasks at height and on scaffolding with proven background around Health, Environment and Safety.

Signed course certificate is sent after the course has passed.